IT Outlook 2006: Helping Small Businesses Bridge the Gap

Fiducial is a service that provides outsourced accounting services to small businesses. It’s web site reads that Fiducial is a global provider of financial and business services to individuals and small businesses.
In addition to being an outsourced service their web site is FULL of great information for their franchises and their customers. Their article “IT Outlook 2006: Helping Small Businesses Bridge the Gap” is very good (not only because it quotes me).
It reads Small businesses are built on the visions of entrepreneurs who understand the dynamics of their particular industry yet when it comes to keeping up with developments on the information technology highway, they often have difficulty getting out of first gear.
Experts maintain that small business owners are still not as knowledgeable as they need to be about what technology can do, especially when it comes to separating the bells and whistles from basic technology.
¬?That¬?s why it¬?s the role of solution providers for education and simplification for the non-tech person is really important,? said Marian Banker, president of New York-based Prime Strategies that offers business coaching for small business owners. ?They really need to get the big picture. They should go to the technology provider and say I need to accomplish this.
Banker is involved in producing the upcoming Small Business Summit 2006 in New York along with Ramon Ray of The Feb. 10 event is targeted to give small business owners best practice and technology tools to grow their businesses.
Ray believes strongly in small businesses bringing on an IT consultant to help them bridge the high-tech gap.
?An IT consultant can guide you and give you that knowledge you need, said Ray, an author, speaker and self-proclaimed small business technology evangelist. ?If your sink is broken you call the plumber. If your company has 10 guys on a remote system doesn’t it mean that they should have one or two folks in their Rolodex for IT?