Laplink Releases New Software to Prevent Internet Identity Theft and Data Loss

Laplink writes – PCdefense takes a new approach to protecting PC users and their computers. The product addresses deficiencies in conventional and popular security products that are leaving millions of Internet users vulnerable to privacy violations, identity theft, and catastrophic attack.
By focusing on emerging threats, Laplink PCdefense addresses deficiencies found in many of the leading security solutions. For instance, unlike most products, PCdefense identifies rootkits, which have received broad media attention since rootkit technology was found in products from trusted companies such as Sony BMG and Symantec. Rootkits can leave PC users vulnerable to cyber criminals because they can hide viruses and spyware from conventional security software. These unauthorized programs can then work undetected, quietly transmitting sensitive data or destroying the user’s PC. Discoveries are continually being made which indicate that other legitimate software products may also contain security-compromising rootkits.
PCdefense also protects against keyloggers, a type of spyware that covertly records and transmits the user’s keystrokes to online criminals. This data is used to harvest passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other private information in order to steal a user’s identity and access their bank accounts and credit cards.
Another industry-first feature in PCdefense is its “insurance solution”-a disaster recovery function that helps PC users recover from complete hardware or software failure. PCdefense allows the user to restore all files, settings, and even programs after a catastrophic failure. Even if the user’s PC is lost or stolen, a new PC can be set up and all files, settings, and programs restored with just a few mouse clicks.