Lenovo X41 Tablet PC: C+ Grade

If you are in the market for a Tablet PC, I guess you know why you would want one, as these tablets are not run of the mill computers for everyone. Tablet PC’s are great for those who need a “pen” life like those in the medical profession, on the road insurance agents and others.
Super business & techie guru Lenovo X41 Tablet PC writes While the battery may not be ideal, the key thing that’s driven me batty with the Lenovo X41 Tablet PC is the overall performance of the system. Once the system is all running properly it’s not too bad, but waking up from it being in standby is out and out painful. I have woken up the system and watched as it took ten to fifteen minutes before the applications were responsive to events. Even when the stars are all aligned just so, the fastest wake from standby is still a few minutes long on the unit…..In the end, I am not impressed with the usability of the X41 Tablet PC and am not going to buy a unit for my office after all. I am quite impressed with Windows for Tablet PC, however, and will try to find another ultralightweight unit that has better battery life and higher performance, but until then, I’ll have to go back to my trusty Apple PowerBook. And dream of when the MacBook Pro has a Tablet option.