Linux – It’s Still An Option for Some

Although Microsoft deservedly has the largest share of desktop office applications, Linux is still a viable option for some businesses. Novel (and other companies) are continuing to ensure it.
Linux is often cited as being “free”, but costs that can add up to include training and support, not including the hidden cost of migrating from Windows to Linux.
Novell, in order to help with this migration has added training and support as an option for businesses who buy its Linux flavor.
VNUnet writes Novell has announced that it will bundle support and training offerings with its SuSE Linux Enterprise Server in a bid to entice small and medium sized businesses to Linux.
“Our partners are telling us that their mid-market customers want to deploy open source, but that they need a packaged Linux solution more tailored to their needs,” said Ron Hovsepian, president and chief operating officer at Novell.