Office Depot 5 Day Office Makeover Plan

Office Depot, a leading global provider of office products and services, is debuting a new shape-up plan that will help business professionals achieve dramatic results — slimming down their piles, increasing their file-finding flexibility and toning-up their organizational muscle — in just 30 minutes a day for five days. Cleverly, each (maybe some) of the steps has a suggestion for a tool you can buy from Office Depot to go with the step.
“The Office Depot Five-Day Office Makeover Plan” is a new office fitness regimen that was developed in conjunction with Office Depot Organizational Advisor Stephanie Winston. Winston is considered to be the founder of professional organizing.
Available free of charge, the plan will help small businesses take control of their worklife by organizing their offices to reach maximum productivity with minimal stress. The easy-to- follow guide takes professionals through a five-day work week by offering one simple 30-minute “to-do” task per day. The Office Depot plan also suggests tactics for avoiding potential productivity perils and outlines Winston’s top product recommendations for achieving organizational wellness.
“Organizing your workspace doesn’t have to be a time-consuming workout,” explains Winston, the author of five books on organization and time management including The New York Times best-seller “Getting Organized,” which is being updated and reissued in January 2006.
Winston added, “All it takes are a few clear-cut systems and a dose of consistency to trim your in-box and perform a ‘nip and tuck’ on the ever- bulging files in your office. Best of all, the impact is immediate. As the condition of your office space is improved, you will also feel in better control of your business.”
Highlights of what you’ll find in The Office Depot Five-Day Office Makeover Plan are:
* Processes for retrieving any piece of paper within 60 seconds;
* Daily “organizational exercises” culled from hundreds of successful CEOs that will help you accomplish more each day; and
* Suggestions for helping the road warrior keep his or her worklife in balance and organized.
Winston’s advice to help businesses get organized includes the following tips:
* Organize Papers to Increase Productivity — Scattered papers are a sign of disorder and, more importantly, they don’t allow you to feel as in control or productive as you should in your worklife. Organize your documents so that top priority files are close at hand using something as simple as a desktop organizer. Available in assorted colors and styles to match your office decor, desktop organization can start at just $6.59.
* Create a Master To-Do List — With a dozen messages to return, reports due and calls to make, how can you be sure that everything that needs to get done is accomplished in a day? Winston suggests creating a centralized, master list of to-do items each week, from which you can pull 10-12 daily tasks. You will want to carry your list with you in a convenient organizer at all times so that action items can be easily added and crossed off upon completion. Winston recommends either a PDA, or a paper-based organizer, such as a FranklinCovey(R) planner. The FranklinCovey line ranges in price from $14.99 to more than $119 and is available exclusively at Office Depot.
* Toss It — A natural part of getting organized is tossing unneeded papers. But in today’s environment where identity theft is prevalent, protecting your information is more important than ever. Winston recommends using a shredder to ensure that confidential documents, personal papers and financial information do not fall into the wrong hands. The Ativa(TM) diamond-cut shredder, available exclusively at Office Depot, shreds documents, credit cards and CDs into tiny, unusable pieces that are smaller than the typical shredder output. This process also reduces the need for frequent emptying. Ativa diamond-cut shredders start at $29.99.