“On Demand” Desktop Management – Headache Free Computing

Companies like Everdream, Center Beam, CompuLinx and others that provide managed services often have customers that have peace of mind compared to customers who manage their own IT infrastructures.
With a managed service setup all the network protection, virus, back pretty much everything else is managed our outsource by a third party. You don’t have much to worry about except running your business.
Referring to the recent outbreak of the dangerous Windows Metafile vulnerability Everdream writes While many IT staffers are still scrambling to fend off attacks related to the recently disclosed Windows Metafile (WMF) vulnerability, Everdream customers are experiencing the peace of mind associated with the company’s comprehensive and flexible on-demand desktop management services — ensuring business uptime by providing protection for all PCs and laptops. Everdream’s domain expertise allowed for a rapid response to mitigate the WMF exploit, as the company’s Vulnerability Assessment Team (VAT) quickly developed a remediation package the day after the threat was identified, ensuring the protection of its customers until a patch was developed. Once Microsoft issued a patch late last week, Everdream immediately tested the patch and deployed it to customers the same day.
This is an example of one reason to seriously consider managed services for your computing infrastructure – be it small or large. A managed service provider can provide comprehensive IT services for your IT needs.