Quickbooks to Quickbooks Enterprise: There is a growth path

I’ve written about Quickbooks Enterprise here but Small Business Computing has a nice review of it as well.
Basically, if you are feeling you are outgrowing Quickbooks, you don’t have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars and hire boatloads of consultants. Quickbooks Enterprise is the solution, often times, for you and your growing business.
At the upcoming Small Business Summit, in fact, an Intuit Pro Advisor will be helping the audience get intelligence out of their financial information.
Small Business Computing writes In QuickBooks Enterprise edition, Intuit effectively offers a solution for fast growing companies on the verge of outgrowing conventional QuickBooks. And compared to traditional mid-market solutions, QuickBooks Enterprise is easier to install, requires fewer resources and is easier to use. Furthermore, current Enterprise customers will welcome the improvements to speed and capacity, as well as the revamped interface and data centers.
There are reasons that a small business would choose a more complex, mid-market solution. For example, when it has complex workflows or its volume exceeds that supported by Enterprise. But current QuickBooks customers can easily grow into QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0, and trust that the program will serve them well.