Remotely Turn On Your PC

01 Communique Laboratory Inc. a remote access solutions provider, announced the release of I’m InTouch Corporate Server Edition (CSE) Version 2.0, its customer premise based remote access gateway. Developed in conjunction with Hitachi Business Solution Co. Ltd. of Japan, the solution provides authorized employees secure remote access to corporate resources by allowing them to login to view and control their office workstation, even when it has been previously shut down.
New features available in Version 2.0 are:
– Remote Wake-Up – Allows an employee away from the office to securely
login from a web browser to the I’m InTouch CSE wake-up server to power
on their previously shut down computer. While existing Wake-on-LAN
solutions allow network administrators to remotely power on a computer
from within the corporate LAN, this patent pending technology allows
remote employees to wake up their powered down office PC from a remote
location that is off the LAN, so that they may begin a remote session.
– Remote Printing – Gives the ability to print a file stored on an office
PC to the local printer of the PC that the mobile user is logging in
– Remote Control using Windows Mobile based Pocket PC devices – Allows
full mouse and keyboard control of the host computer along with tools
to manage the presentation of the host PC’s desktop on the Pocket PC
screen. Users can log in to use their business applications, view files
and folders and access their networks.
– Change Screen Color Mode – Users needing to view pictures or graphic
intensive documents in rich color, can change the screens color viewing
mode as possible to 16, 24 or 32 bit color.
“In many security conscious corporate environments, employees are instructed to shutdown their PC before leaving the office. In this scenario, remote access is defeated because the employee’s computer is not available. Our remote wake-up technology is designed specifically to address this situation by allowing a user to remotely “boot-up” his PC,” said Andrew Cheung, President and CEO of 01 Communique. “The flexibility of I’m InTouch CSE provides several business opportunities for our reseller channel. Resellers can offer their customers a cost-effective remote access solution, deployed within the customer’s business premise, that protects the existing investment in office workstations without the expense of deploying laptops to everyone. As well, some resellers have opted to implement I’m InTouch CSE into their own business operations as a managed services platform from which they can re-sell workforce mobility and remote technical support services to their customers for a monthly or annual services fee”