Skype: Giving Phone Companies A Run for Their Money

Skype is one of those “Hotmail” type companies that started something free and with a VIRAL explosion is used by millions. The interesting thing is that although “so many” people are using Skype, including me, there are MILLIONS more people around the world who could still use Skype’s services. At CES this week, Skype is launching more products to make it easier to use it’s service – some of the products with no need for a PC!
If you are looking for ways to SAVE money, then having a close look at Skype’s free and fee based services is a SMART start!
CNet writes Specifically, Skype announced that it has developed a new standalone handset to enable users to make free Skype calls over the Internet without a PC connection. It also announced a new phone adapter developed with D-Link, called the DPH-50U, that allows the Skype service to be used with a traditional phone.
Ipevo, which already makes several Skype-enabled handsets, has also developed a new cordless handset and speaker phone to be used with Skype. And the company announced that Panasonic has also developed a cordless phone that works with its service, allowing users to make and receive Skype calls and traditional calls on the same device.