Slow to Buy a New PC? Could Lack of Data Migration Tools Be the Reason?

There’s a new study that shows a link between slow PC sales and the lack of data-migration tools. When people buy a new PC – it’s such a pain to move all the files and data settings to the new PC. However a data-migration tool makes this easier to do.
Laplink issued a press release that reads An independent study conducted by Hebert Research demonstrates that this easy-to-use “migration” software, which moves all programs, files and settings from an old PC to new one, could significantly boost PC sales.
The next time you consider NOT purchasing a new PC because of the “pain” in moving files from the old PC to the new PC know that with a data-migration tool the process is easier. I’ve used tools from Laplink and Computer Associates and think CA’s tool is better in some ways. Check out my review here.