ThinkFree Office 3 – Can Challenge Microsoft Office

You’ve heard the song and dance so many times, that Microsoft Office is expensive (it is) and that there are other (Corel Wordperfect, OpenOffice, ThinkFree, StarOffice suites on the market that are cheaper thank Microsoft Office. eWeek did a real live test of ThinkFree’s suite in an office setting and it’s something you should read.
eWeek writes The users seemed, for the most part, receptive to a move to ThinkFree. Some of the more advanced users even applauded the intuitive nature of ThinkFree and its capabilities. Users of all levels remarked on the suite’s ease of use and familiarity.
“I believe ThinkFree has a good foundation to grow their product on,” said Benincasa. “It is cross-platform, server-based, and the learning curve is minimal. Users were not exposed to the product beforehand, but they did not seem to have problems navigating and using the product.”
Many of the same issues encountered during tests of 1.1.1 were also present during this test, however.