Verizon Wireless Broadband – Fast & Productive

I’m sitting on the train now testing out Verizon‘s wireless broadband service. It’s fast and keeps me VERY productive. I can now understand more clearly why notebook and telecom vendors are embedding wireless broadband cards into notebook computers.
With a wireless card embedded in your notebook you don’t have to remove and insert the card every time you want to use wireless broadband. Also, having it embedded gives you four built-in connectivity options – modem, Ethernet network, WiFi or WAN (wide area network / wireless broadband)
The cost of WAN connectivity is still kind of high at $50 – $80 per month. However for the business person always on the go and needing to get network based work done (like updating a web site!) anywhere, a WAN card is a must.
Blackberry’s and Treo’s have their place as all. I’m trying both two new models of these units out as well and will keep you “posted”. |