Want to Get Back Your Laptop If It’s Stolen?

SyNET Laptop ANTI-THEFT offers an effortless solution in finding your lost laptop computer. Effortless because once you install it, your laptop is protected and can be tracked using the Internet.
Once installed invisibly on your laptop system, Laptop ANTI-THEFT sends a stealth e-mail message containing it’s exact location to a pre-determined e-mail address set by the owner. Each signal will contain all the required information on the status and physical location of your laptop.
When the lost or stolen computer goes online it will send a stealth message to you containing information of its location using any Internet connection (Phone modem, Cable modem, DSL, ISDN, Corporate LAN, etc). Once this information is received, you can recover the lost or stolen property with help from law enforcement agency.
Invisible – Install nTracker invisibly on your Laptop and unauthorized user can not enter into the program file without pre-determined password by authorized user.