When Web Hosts Go Down: GoDaddy.com

I’ve never really paid much attention to a web site going down until today. I host Smallbiztechnology.com at Hypermart and their customer support is simply wonderful. I’ve bought domains at GoDaddy.com and recently hosted one web site – Smallbiztechsummit.com there as well.
At this time, the shared server that GoDaddy.com is hosting Smallbiztechusmmit.com on is DOWN. What does this mean? No one can register. No one can get information about the Small Business Summit.
Imagine the small business owner who has an online business and their web site goes down – each minutes is lost sales. Thankfully I’m not in that position (at least to the degree the small business owner would be in) but I sure can more understand the importance of having a reliable web host.
In fairness to GoDaddy.com, webhosts, from time-to-time, have hosting issues and I would hope that this current problem is one glitch that does not happen again.
However, as more and more web hosts (Verio announced something just yesterday) go after “small businesses”, they must ensure their SERVICE and RELIABILITY are almost perfect.