Who Sent You Christmas Cards? Who sent ME Christmas Cards?

It’s always of interest to me who sends me Christmas cards. I don’t send any Christmas cards, professionally or personally to anyone (not for any religious reason, as I do celebrate Christ’s birth). Here’s who sent me Christmas cards in 2005:
Wintec Group – NYC reseller of Maximizer software
Laplink – need to connect a PC?
M5 Networks – Tired of a “regular” phone system? outsource it
SOHO IT Goes – Eileen’s doing a GREAT job with the web site for the Small Business Summit and many other small businesses!
MDRB – Corporate Experience – If you need an event planner, check out MDRB FIRST!
Wachovia Bank – I bank at Commerce Bank, but never received a card from them. I don’t bank at Wachovia and get a card from one of their small business bankers!
Trend Micro – What can I say, they’re everyone on the PC and in a Christmas card
LVA Corporate Communications – They are the PR firm for Palo Alto Software!
Microsoft – Sure they’re a BIG company – but they sure remember the little guys
Doubet Consulting – Blessings to Beth Silver, her company and her newborn to be!
Manhattan Chamber of Commerce – NYC’s busiest organization for small businesses!