WiFi Security: Peace of Mind If You Invest in Security

If a WiFi network is a key piece of your networking you MUST make sure your network is protected. With a wired network you’ve got to be physically connected to the network to access it. With WiFi – as far as the signal carries a hacker can access your network.
I would highly suggest you read this Small Business Computing review on a WiFi security product Unless you put strong authentication mechanisms place, anyone can poach off of your wireless network. If you’re not monitoring the network traffic closely, you may not even realize someone has connected to your wireless network.
While it’s probably true that most unauthorized squatters are simply looking for free Internet connectivity, some have more nefarious motives; they want credit card numbers and sensitive private information.
If your company deals with sensitive information such as credit card numbers, medical records and customer data ó you need to monitor your network and protect it from intrusions.