Your Next Notebook Should Have Cellular Broadband

Many vendors including Lenovo, HP and Sony are offering built in cellular broadband antennas in their notebook computers. All you have to do is subscribe to a cellular service provider (Verizon, Sprint, Cingular) at around $50 – $80 per month for unlimited use. If you find that your work takes you AWAY from the city where WiFi hotspots are numerous and you MUST access email/web on your PC on demand, then this is an ideal option. Of course you could just use a BlackBerry or Treo as well.
I hope to soon test out Verizon Wireless broadband as part of the upcoming Small Business Summit for a few weeks beyond the summit.
Right now you can buy a PC Card that will it into your notebook or use a USB cable to connect your phone and connect to cellular broadband. But having an antenna built into your notebook is much better.