Archive of February 2006

Accounting Software: There’s Room for More Than Quickbooks

Although Intuit’s Quickbooks holds the biggest share of small business accounting there’s plenty of room for other vendors reports AMI Partners. With 550,000 new business being born every year and many existing businesses NOT using an accounting program this leaves plenty of space in the market for other vendors such as Microsoft, Avanquest (Small Business […]

Virtual PBX Review

For the Small Business Summit last month, I used Gotvmail’s virtual phone system. It worked quite well and emailed me my phone messages. There’s several services like this which provide a low cost, feature rich phone system ideal for smaller businesses. Small Business Computing reviewed Innoport, a virtual PBX vendor from Intellicomm, Inc. and writes […]

Black Berry: It’s More than Corporate Servers

I was reading an article in Globe and Mail which reminded that although there are a number of companies who have given Black Berry’s to their staff, like they give out ball point pens, their are many individuals who have Black Berry’s as they have purchased them on their own and don’t have them paid […]

Google Launches web site building tool…but

At you’ll find Google’s new web site building tool. Only problem, like other tools, Google is limiting use of it to a few invited guests. For small businesses, I really wouldn’t jump at this – when you get in. But go real slow. You need to build your site with a company that offers […]

CMP Media Launches

Yet another small business site has launched! CMP media joins the family of small business focused web sites and has launched You can read one of their articles about local based service businesses advertising on the Internet here – I am quoted in it as well. CMP’s media pitch reads – The site will […]

Why I Chose Craig’s List Over eBay

A friend ask me to sell his Treo 650 (Palm based) PDA, immediately I thought of 2 places to sell it – on eBay or Craig’s List. I chose Craig’s List. On eBay I would have had to “manage” the auction process and/or compete against so many others selling things. On Craig’s List the community […]

Lenovo Branded PC’s Come to the United States

Lenovo is expected to launch its first foray into the US PC market and plans to announce so on Thursday reports Cnet. The jewel asset that Lenovo acquired from IBM is the ThinkPad brand, so the challenge is for them to sell the Lenovo branded PCs while not making irrelevant the ThinkPad brand. Cnet writes […]