Black Berry 7130e it’s KEYBOARD is AWESOME

I’ve been trying out the BlackBerry 7130e from Verizon Wireless over the past several days but only in the past day or two did I realize how great the keyboard was. Each key has two letters and what you do is type like you regularly would by the time you get to the 3rd peck the Blackberry is about 90%+ accurate with what word you want to type and amends the letters on the fly as you type.
I have not tried the Treo out yet, but have used other versions. If you must have email and a phone, the Blackberry is the MUST have device to have. Sure the Treo is Windows (the new one) based and has more “phone” functions in some ways, but the Blackberry is a VERY POWERFUL contender. It’s email functions are POWERFUL for such a small device and it has enough built in phone intelligence to make it a power tool for any phone or email person.
The “only” problem of course is it’s not Windows or Palm so two huge application / data worlds are not compatible with it.