Book Review: PCs: The Missing Manual

For many small business owners the PC is a VERY important tool in their business but it’s also one of the tools they know least about. If you know how to do more “personal” things better on your computer – you’ll know how to do more business things. Learn how to edit family photos – you’ll know how to edit photos for your business.
From O’Reilly – Today’s PCs allow you to do so many diverse things– send and receive email, browse the Web, share photos with friends and family, watch DVDs, load your favorite tunes on your iPod, edit home movies, and much more. Having a personal computer is practically a necessity. But, like so many technological wonders, knowing all the things your PC can do is one thing, knowing how to actually do them is another. It’s easy once you know how, but who’s going to show you? PCs are assembled from various components, and they no longer come with a printed manual in the box that can provide guidance.
Whether you’re a PC newbie or you’re upgrading to a newer, more powerful PC, “PCs: The Missing Manual” is equally useful. First-timers will profit from “Up to Speed” sidebars that provide additional introductory information on the topic being discussed, while veterans will find technical tips, tricks, and shortcuts in “Power Users’ Clinic” sidebars. With “PCs: The Missing Manual” at your side, you’ll be able to use every part of your PC, so you can fine tune tasks you’re familiar with, figure out the ones you’d only heard of, and learn about others you didn’t even know you needed.