CMP Media Launches

Yet another small business site has launched!
CMP media joins the family of small business focused web sites and has launched You can read one of their articles about local based service businesses advertising on the Internet here – I am quoted in it as well.
CMP’s media pitch reads – The site will offer original content, free information and expert advice from CMP Media editors on a broad spectrum of issues including sales, marketing, finance, legal, HR, technology, growth, and strategy.
Unlike other sites, specifically focuses on the needs of small office or home office (SOHO) owners. A small business owner with between one and ten employees typically wears many hats and usually can¬?t afford to pay for outside advice on key business issues, often relying on informal networks for guidance and answers. The goal is to provide owners with information they can act on, networking opportunities, peer-to-peer counsel, case studies, product reviews and lab tests.

I applaud CMP media for launching this new web site, but encourage them to not do what everyone else is doing…Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many others. Instead try to offer something different for small businesses. It’s hard as their are many sites that cater to this space and offer content. Some sites, such as and the sites I’ve mentioned earlier have broad offerings, other sites such as and Small Business Computinghave focused on one segment of the small business market – such as technology.
CMP Media writes Unlike other sites, specifically focuses on the needs of small office or home office (SOHO) owners. It’s very hard to write content for a business with 1 – 10 persons as opposed to 10 – 50 persons. The needs blur too closely.
My hope is that CMP will not make this site as just a site to collect more online advertising revenue but a true destination for small businesses who need business and technology resources.