Converting from Microsoft Office to Star Office: Tools

If you are thinking of turning your office from Microsoft Office to Star Office you will need to consider converting your old Microsoft Office documents to Star Office ones. Why? While Star Office does an ok job of reading Microsoft Office documents it’s not perfect.
News Forge writes If you’re investigating Sun’s StarOffice as a replacement for Microsoft Office, you’ll need to address the conversion question. While StarOffice can read Microsoft Office documents pretty well, the two products’ macro languages are incompatible. Sun’s StarOffice Enterprise Tools aim to help. The Professional Analysis Wizard and the Macro Migration Wizard are bundled at no extra charge as part of an enterprise license of SO (though you can’t download them from the Web). Whether they can help you depends on how many Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations you need to convert — and don’t expect miracles.
If you just have hundreds of files that you’ll need going forward, then the two migration tools from Sun will be moderately, but not completely, helpful. If you have fewer files, then probably you want to skip using these utilities. And if your document collection is in the thousands across many different users, then you will want to use the tools for sure, but it still won’t be easy to do the conversion.