The “Default” Option is not always best in security

Whether you are using a firewall (software or appliance), anti-virus product or any other security tool, it’s important that you go through the settings to ensure that what the default settings will best protect you while enabling you to work.
If you install an anti-virus tool and by default it allows certain files to download to your PC without being scanned – is that safe for example? If your firewall won’t allow you to instant message – is that going to hamper your productivity?
I’m prompted to remind you of this as security experts think that Microsoft’s OneCaree firewall setting is week.
Cnet writes The security software, available in a public beta version, by default allows applications that use the Java Virtual Machine or have a digital signature to connect to the Internet.
Like any blanket security-bypass rule, these default settings are a bad idea, said Mark Curphey, vice president at vulnerability management specialist Foundstone, a part of McAfee.