Email OverLoad: Get Automated Help

Sometimes you might be “fearful” of using email more in customer support as you don’t have the time or resources to manage the flood of email (spam and good email) that will start to come in. Fore example, as you grow your online business, you must be prepared to deal with the email queries that will come in from customers asking all sorts of questions.
Thankfully many of the questions are the same – which means there’s an easy and low cost solution for you. has an outsourced email management solution to help you and your team deal with the influx of email. Their latest product is made for eBay users who often don’t list more listings as they struggle with the increased email. I touched on their service last year but feel to mention it again here.
ezSupport for eBay, is a web-based solution with no special hardware or software to purchase. Once the software is downloaded, the seller then builds a database with their own questions and answers most often geared towards shipping policies, sizes, weight, and color. With the assistance of ezSupport for eBay, sellers can manage more auctions, have time to focus on expanding their business and feel confident that their buyers will get their questions answered promptly and accurately.
Whether you sell on eBay or not, being able to quickly and accurately answer customer questions is a HUGE factor in providing good customer service to your customers. Having assistance in managing your email is critical.