How Accounting Software Helped A Mother, Marriage and Antique Car Dealer

Leslie Anderson, of Blue Oval Ranch, runs a typical small business with her husband. He sells antique cars and she manages the business’ finances. Their antique car business, sell 1950’s and 60’s cars and parts all over the world.
They started their business out of the love of cars but it grew out of necessity. When her husband’s “day job” got to be too much for him, their choice was for him to do a job that he really didn’t like and was always stressed about, OR take a leap of faith and launch their “part time” business, full time.
For the first 9 years of marriage their part time antique car and parts business was doing just fine, but as their businesses expanded Leslie realized that she was spending more and more time trying to keep up with her finances and less time on thinking of how to grow their business. In addition to her full time job as a wife and mother – doing the books of their growing enterprise was turning into more than a full time job, not to mention the task of managing their household finances.
What made things most painful for Leslie was tax time. Each season when tax time came around Leslie had to figure out family finances and Blue Oval Ranch (as in the Ford local) finances – this was a mess that only kept growing.
Thinking that there had to be another way, a simpler way, Leslie did some searching online and finally downloaded a copy of Intuit’s Simple Start and started to use the trial version. That very night she realized that this was the program she needed for her business. Her business was simple and not complicated and Simple Start was the perfect solution for her.
Instead of dreading tax time, I’m sure it’s not a joy, but things are much more organized and easier to manage.
Leslie also explained that the time she saves in doing finances with Simple Start she can use to help her husband think of how to better manage and grow their business.
As Blue Oval Ranch grows, they’ll be able to move up to Intuit Quickbooks.