HP’s NX 6125 – Fast. Solid. Secure with Finger Print Scanning

It’s 1:10am on Thursday morning (an hour past Wednesday) and I’ve just finished editing the audio of the Small Business Summit 2006
I’m using the solidly built, fast, AMD powered HP NX 6125 notebook computer – HP loaned us 5 of them. The coolest thing about this notebook is that it has a fingerprint reader.
I used HP’s Credential’s Manager tool to input the finger prints of two of my fingers. After swiping each finger about 3 times the credential manager stored my fingerprints so that I could logon to the computer with no password – but a finger print scan. If for some reason the notebook can’t recognize your finger print, it will ask you for a password – a good backup measure.
What I also liked about HP’s notebook is the readily available buttons for common things volume, wireless on/off and presentation mode (off/on).
This notebook is a little heavier than the Gateway notebook I’m using but it (HP’s) also has a larger screen. I also like the feel of HP’s notebook better, overall, it’s a bit more solid.
This particular model of HP’s notebook, is not made for the person who is ALWAYS on the road – they would want something closer to 3lbs. This notebook feels more like 6 – 7lbs. But for the person who travels a few times per week and takes their notebook from office to home and back again, this notebook is pretty good and is a desktop replacement. HP makes smaller notebooks of course for the road warrior.