Is Technology an Asset In Your Business?

For many businesses, the word processor is simply a must have glorious typewriter. It¬?s a tool they must use to write letters and produce invoices. For some businesses their telephone is simply a piece of plastic they answer when it rings.
However, if you are going to MAXIMIZE the technologies you use on a daily basis you must begin to think of your technology as powerful assets that can help you do more, in less time, with less money – to grow your business. Growing your business does not necessarily mean it has to “grow” from a 5 person public relations firm to a 50 person one. Growing your business simply means your business is exceeding customer relations, maintaining a healthy cash flow and THRIVING not just surviving.
As competition for a limited pool of customer dollars increases from local competitors, national competitors and international competitors those companies who leverage technology as an asset and tool will not only survive, but thrive.
As you buy new technology – ask your local technology consultant or sales person, “how can I get the MOST out of this investment?”. For your existing technology ask yourself, “am I getting all I can out of this tool?”.
For example, for many of us a copy machine is simply a tool that we use to make copies. Right? But did you know that with many copy machines, for only a few more dollars per month (for the many who lease), you can use your copier as a printer. This will speed large print jobs and save on the cost of printing supplies and maintenance of your printer. Did you know that with many copy machines, you can also use their hard drive to store commonly needed documents. Instead of printing and storing a 10 page company brochure, that changes from time to time, you can store the document on your copier¬?s hard disk and print only what you need, when you need and be sure of printing the latest version!
What about your web site? You might have created your web site many years ago, and it’s now a dusty, “digital business card” that you refer to in passing for customers to know your prices, your telephone number, address, who your executives are and other important pieces of information. However, instead of using your web site as simply a digital brochure, breathe life into it and upgrade it to be a dynamic communication tool between you and your customers. When customers or prospective customers visit your web site, why not showcase profiles of your recent customers? Why not enable your existing customers to track the products they’ve ordered from sales order to delivery? Is your web site an underused business asset?
What would you do if an employee was not producing results commiserate with their salary and expectations? You¬?d get an employee that could produce the results excepted of them and hopefully do even MORE than was expected of them.
Your technology is NO different. Technology is a TOOL that you can use to GROW your business!
See you at the Small Business Summit 2006!