My Week With Spam Continues

It’s been about a week or more that I have not used any anti-spam filtering software. For several years now I’ve used Digi Portal’s Choicemail anti-spam system. It’s a challenge response system that blocks all email unless you let it in.
It took me a few days to configure my email properly and things worked very well, hardly any spam came to me. But like any email program I had to periodically check the anti-spam folder to be sure “good” email didn’t get blocked.
Some times I found that I’d miss email, however, and I figured what’s more important to get 122 spam messages in a few hours for the sake of ensuring EVERY “good” email gets in or to not get any spam, but possibly miss out on an important message?
I opted to receive spam and I’m glad I did. Although it is a minor pain to delete all the spam I get every time I open my email, it’s worth knowing that I will never miss an email message.