NetZero: More User Friendly & Better Features than Skype

I’ve been using Skype for several months now to make calls out of the country. I use the fee based service as I’m not calling another Skype user but calling a land line. Skype’s not the only game in town, but Google and NetZero also offer competing voice over the Internet service.

Business Week’s Olga writes that in many ways NetZero is better than Skype – I just trialed NetZero Voice, a Skype-like VoIP service that’s pretty good. It allows you to make calls from your PC no matter whether you have satellite, dial-up or broadband connection to the Internet. Just as is the case with Skype, PC-to-PC calls between NetZero customers are free, and you pay extra for PC-to-phone calls.
And NetZero has several features that Skype doesn’t. NetZero comes with a free e-mail account, for example. Naturally, you also get free voicemail, free caller ID, free call waiting and call blocking. Plus, you can see a log of the calls you made online, and listen to your voicemails online. All of these features are very easy to use. You also get a free phone number when you sign up.