New Email Management Newsletter Service

Arrow Email Newsletter System provides a wide range of features to help your business manage digital communication. There’s two versions – a hosted version and an enterprise version that you install on your own server. It’s low cost and feature rich.
The hosted version is only $25 per month for sending 10,000 emails. I like its CRM manager feature. You can “keep the attention of new customers and subscribers. Arrow can send a welcome response, follow it up in three days with a specific newsletter email, and then send another in ten days – all automatically. Create as many CRM Follow-Ups as you need and assign them to specific Interest Lists or all Interest Lists. You can even combine with Smart Lists and send the follow-ups to those who didn’t interact with any of the previous ones. Robust reporting will keep you informed every step of the way. Let Arrow join your sales force and ensure that potential customers don’t lose interest in your message.”