Now It’s The Treo 650w’s Turn: PC, Phone, Email – all in your hand.

All of last week and beyond I fell in love with the BlackBerry 7130e powered by Verizon Wireless broadband wireless.
This week I’m using the Treo 650w and beginning to fall in love with it too. I hope my love affair with these two beauty’s helps you decide which one should be for you.
Now that I’ve tried out both I can say for sure the BlackBerry is definitely the tool of choice for the power emailer who not only wants to receive email (and have it pushed to him) but also send it. You can type much faster on a BlackBerry than a Treo.
The buttons on the Treo are rounded and though QWERTY make it slightly slower to type. The BlackBerry’s keys easily fit under your finger. The BlackBerry I am using senses with I’d guess 99% accuracy what you are trying to type and writes the words for you!
On the other hand, the world most users work in is Microsoft Windows and this is where the Pocket PC powered Treo 650w reigns. Being able to seamlessly have your “PC” with you in your pocket – Word, Outlook and all the rest is a VERY compelling offer.
I really liked how the BlackBerry makes it easy to do email with one hand – thanks to the wheel scroll and the “back” button. Although many things you can do with one hand with the Treo you must use the stylus for several things as well. This can be a detractor but I found that often it was an asset as I could pinpoint right on the screen what I wanted to access.
If you are a power email user then the BlackBerry hands down is the device you want. However, if you want the option of checking email but more so want a phone that can integrated with your PC – you’ve just got to pick the Treo.
I’ll have more as I keep using both of these devices.