Paying for Email Delivery

Yahoo and AOL are reportedly going to allow companies to pay them to give email they send to Yahoo and AOL users, special preference and not be blocked by email. On a typical day I get about 250 spam messages and I can imagine the millions of spam messages per day Yahoo and AOL receive.
This might help reduce the flow of spam and/or reduce the amount of blocked email. Yahoo and AOL propose giving companies that pay them a fee special status and allow their email to go through and NOT be blocked by a spam filter. If you are a “big business” this is just one of many issues you have to deal with in your email marketing plan. If you are a small business, this could be a BIG issue.
Start using RSS feeds and making sure your email readers list you in their email programs as NOT being tagged as spam.
The Associated Press writes We were hearing not only from members but also e-mail partners that they wanted a different way of delivering e-mail that would stand out in the inbox and would guarantee them delivery,” said spokesman Nicholas Graham, adding that AOL, a division of New York-based Time Warner Inc., will start offering the service in the next two months.
Company spokeswoman Karen Mahon said Sunday Sunnyvale-based Yahoo will begin offering a similar service in the coming months.
The plan, while it’s optional and would apply to only a fraction of people sending e-mail, amounts to a reversal in the economics of the Internet because it would charge message senders rather than those receiving them. The current model has led to the proliferation of spam and so-called phishing scams because the people perpetuating them can turn a profit even when only a minority of recipients respond, analysts have said.