Sonic Wall Beefs up its security offerings

With last year’s purchase of Lasso Logic, Sonic Wall is now more than only a digital security vendor making firewalls. It now offers continuous data protection services as well.
SonicWALL CDP delivers protection for data stored on servers, desktop PCs and laptops. The solution features secure automatic, disk to disk local and offsite data protection, instant recovery, and central or remote administration capabilities. This functionality helps users raise productivity and reduce costs. The SonicWALL CDP Solution Series comprises four different models scaling from 15 to unrestricted users: the CDP 1440i, the CDP 2440i, the CDP 3440i and the CDP 4440i.
SonicWALL CDP offers many features and benefits in addition to its continuous data backup protection capabilities. SonicWALL CDP’s intelligent and proprietary Adaptive Backup Engine (ABE) includes network throttling to ensure local and offsite backup is non-invasive during working hours. Instant data recovery and file versions enable any user on the network to operate the simple administration interface and to go back to any point in time to retrieve current or previous versions of any file. Seamless support for databases and applications is provided without the need to integrate third- party software modules.
The appliances also feature central management and remote administration, allowing administrators to set backup and recovery policies at the network or user level and recover deleted files or view vital statistics from a remote location. CDP’s robust data management tools sit on a flexible search, command and reporting framework for custom reports — including e-mail alerts for real-time updates and offsite data storage visibility. Archiving is also available for organizations that need to store snapshots of their local data for extended periods of time to meet industry and government regulations.
The remote management and administration services available with SonicWALL CDP extend the suite of managed services available from SonicWALL. The range of subscription services available to solution providers to generate predictable and profitable revenue streams include anti-virus, anti-spyware and intrusion prevention, content filtering, remote management enabled through SonicWALL’s Global Management System software, and support.