Virtual PBX Review

For the Small Business Summit last month, I used Gotvmail’s virtual phone system. It worked quite well and emailed me my phone messages. There’s several services like this which provide a low cost, feature rich phone system ideal for smaller businesses.
Small Business Computing reviewed Innoport, a virtual PBX vendor from Intellicomm, Inc. and writes Innoport requires no capital expenditure and no hardware or software maintenance. It offers all the PBX features of big firm systems ¬? including auto attendant, voice mail, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ¬? and some very advanced features such as unified communications (voice, text and fax messages delivered to a single mail box) and find-me/follow-me which can be very useful for virtual and highly mobile companies. Best of all, the system is surprisingly simple to set up remotely using nothing more complicated than a Web browser.
With Innoport, Intellicomm provides a phone number or numbers that you can give out to customers, including toll-free numbers. It answers your calls, then routes them to any phone number you choose in the United States or Canada. You control every aspect of how it answers and how it routes calls. The Web interface, which we tested and will talk about in a minute, lets you configure all the features as well as monitor your account.

What services have you used and liked? Let me know.