Washington Post Slams WordPerfect X3

I haven’t tried out WordPerfect’s latest offering but like any product some people will like it and some people won’t – the Washington Post does NOT like it and in fact gives it a scathing review.
My guess, however, is that if you are a current Word Perfect user you’ll find there’s plenty to like in the new version. Is the new version compelling enough to make you switch from Word to Word Perfect? I doubt it.
The Washington Post writes .WordPerfect itself is the strongest part of this weak bunch. It simplifies the tricky job of formatting documents by offering live previews of any change you make: Select some words, hit the font menu, and that text changes styles as you move from one font to the next. Meanwhile, its PerfectExpert toolbar breaks down the program’s many commands into obvious categories (“Formatting,” “Add Visual Elements,” “Edit and Proofread”); choosing one reveals only tasks relevant to that topic.
Unfortunately, WordPerfect is just as gung-ho as Microsoft Word at “improving” your writing with a variety of automatic formatting and automatic corrections — whether or not you asked for the help.
Adding a picture to a WordPerfect document sent this program off a usability cliff. After drilling down a couple of menu listings to find the right command, it offered a dialog box listing only file names, without the usual preview of their contents. Enabling a preview option yielded a “No Viewer Available” error. Then the program idiotically claimed that it couldn’t use some old digital photos because their “width or height exceeds 27 inches.”
(One cause of this dysfunctionality: the custom file dialogs Corel uses instead of the simpler, more useful ones that Windows provides to any properly written program.)