Why Blog? Hammock – something you sleep in or a blogger’s name?

At the recently concluded Small Business Summit 2006 Rex Hammock of Hammock Publishing and Smallbusiness.com; Dan Hoffman of M5 Networks; Ben Lilenthal of Vapps; and Jennifer Shaheen of Technology Therapy Group gave us the ins and outs of blogging and telecommunication.
Rex and Jennifer explained that there are several fringe benefits to having a blog such as enabling the search engines to place your web site / blog in a higher category than it would otherwise be if it was not a blog.
Rex explained that if you type in “hammock” into a search engine his name comes up as a top link – higher than a “hammock” that you would sleep in! This shows the power of blogging.
But there are reasons to not have a blog. Dan Hoffman’s company does not have a blog and doesn’t see them having one in the near future. Why? He feels that with the millions of blogs on the market – why should M5 try to keep in the blogsphere. Also much of the quality of blogging is not good – but poor writing. For now M5 will stick to having a good web site, client stories and a newsletter.