Why I Chose Craig’s List Over eBay

A friend ask me to sell his Treo 650 (Palm based) PDA, immediately I thought of 2 places to sell it – on eBay or Craig’s List. I chose Craig’s List.
On eBay I would have had to “manage” the auction process and/or compete against so many others selling things. On Craig’s List the community is big, but small enough to be a real “community”.
I posted my offer and minutes later had about 5 serious buyers. I sold it tonight.
eBay is great if you have a lot of things to sell. For buyers if you want to use the “Buy It Now” feature to not have to go through the pain of participating in an auction only to have the item you think you won taken from your grasp as someone’s automated computer program bid a few dollars higher than you at the very last second.
My sale’s on Craig’s List was fast and relatively easy. Several buyers emailed me. I emailed them. Some called me and the deal was done.
For purchasing, I’ll use eBay as their is so much inventory and it’s easier to search. For selling, I’ll use Craig’s List again anytime.
There you have it…need to sell items sell it on Craig’s List, especially if you live in NYC or other urban areas. Need to buy – eBay’s probably the better choice.