As You Grow Which Accounting Solution is for You

As your business grows, it is VERY important to consider what accounting solution will grow with your business. Quickbooks, PeachTree, NetSuite, Cougar Mountain….? The choice you make can impact how efficiently your business will or will not grow for years to come.
Investor’s Business Daily writes about several office suites:
NetSuite Current Version 10.6 — online only.
It is only available in an online version and provides a fully integrated website and webstore. Being online, accessible from anywhere, with full, regular back-ups.
Peachtree by Sage Software has also been around since the DOS days. It was used by larger corporations, needing more formalized books. Presently, it is used by over 2.4 million small and medium-sized companies, and has versions for different industries. Costs tend to start around $600 for special industry single user versions and $1200 for multi-user software.
QuickBooks by any other name… is it still intuitive?
The most popular and widely used software is QuickBooks, in one of its many versions. The cost can run anywhere from just under $100 for the new Simple Start Edition, to over $3,000 for the Enterprise Solutions. The online edition starts at under $20 per month. The question is, is this still a good tool for a small business?