Avatar’s On Your Web Site Speak For You

Oddcast makes a range of avatars that enable visitors to your web site (or certain areas of it) to here and see a message delivered to them from a human face. Their service is very easy to use and if used properly can help give a boost to the usual text only world of web sites.
Over 5,000 customers have now subscribed to Oddcast’s service, SitePal. From 500 customers in 2003, to 5,000 customers now – that’s not too bad.
The SitePal online editor allows users to design a wide variety of avatar characters, which can be added to Web sites, flash movies, eBay auctions and blogs. Voice recordings can be uploaded from the users desktop, recorded by phone or created using text-to-speech technology. Some of the top industries using SitePal technology include: graphic design/web design services, business consulting services, real estate/mortgage/financial services, entertainment & media and retail/merchandise (including auctions). Over 10,000 eBay auctions utilize SitePal technology.