Bill Gates – Software as a Service is Good…but

Software, delivered as a service over the Internet is growing, however Microsoft, which makes the bulk of its money selling traditional software, thinks that traditional software still has a role to play now and in the future. I agree to some extent but do think that QUICKLY a shift is going to happen more in that people will need to use less and less the software applications they now use.
Sure, many businesses will need software installed Word Processing, but some, who only write short memos and print can start using a word processor which only lives on line such as Ajax Write
cChannel Live, writes that Bill Gates said, “Gates said that even within the service movement, there would be choices to be made between on-premises hosting, which would be more likely for larger businesses, and off-premises or third-party hosting, which would become more attractive to smaller businesses.
At the same time, Gates downplayed comments by others that software is dead, and in fact said that we’re almost at a point in computing power where some of the things which have long been promised from software will be fulfilled.
“The impact of software will continue to surprise people again and again,” Gates said. “Look at areas like speech recognition, where everybody knows that once it’s there, it’ll be a big deal. We’ve been a little naive about it being ready for primetime, but it’s getting close.”
Gates said that software will still have major roles to play in healthcare, education and in the design of safer vehicles, among other fields.