Book Review: Fixing Access Annoyances

O’Reilly has a new book on Microsoft Access and writes – Millions of users count on Access for everything from managing inventory databases to running web catalogs to working as a front end to SQL databases. But Access is filled with annoyances–report
hassles, query conundrums, VBA bugs, arcane error messages, and more. O’Reilly’s Annoyances series offers real-world help, right now, and “Fixing Access Annoyances” (Mitchell and Callahan, O’Reilly, US $19.99) continues the tradition. You’ll not only squash bugs and workaround Access’ limitations, but you’ll learn how to use Access to the max, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro.
“From explaining errors messages (and their solutions) in plain English to
offering workarounds to antagonizing design flaws, Mitchell and Callahan
show us how to overcome problems and get the most out of Access,” states
James E. Powell, editor of “The Office Letter.”
The authors of “Fixing Access Annoyances” are equipped with the knowledge
of the program’s quirks, design hurdles, and interface snags and provide
you with the battle plans to save you time. These pages will help you
learn how to:
-Overcome install/configuration annoyances
-Build better tables and queries
-Create forms that work right
-Generate reliable and sophisticated reports
-Pull in data from a variety of sources
-Craft macros and VBA code to customize Access
-Squash Access bugs
-Untangle error messages
-Customize the interface
-Automate tedious chores
-Write killer code
“Access is an extremely quirky program, to say the least,” comments author
Phil Mitchell. “Sometimes its user interface seems well designed and
easy-to-use, and sometimes it seems to be a maze of narrow, twisty paths
that dead-end. Some things in Access just work, while others seem to
require a secret handshake.”