Book Review: Fixing PowerPoint Annoyances

Using Microsoft Power Point is something we learn to do when we’re about 4 years old. However, there’s those who know how to use Power Point and those who use it but it’s a constant source of pain.
Book publisher O’Reilly writes There’s nothing more discouraging than an unresponsive
audience–or worse, one that snickers at your slides. And there’s nothing more maddening than technical glitches that turn your carefully planned slide show into a car wreck. Sometimes working with PowerPoint is just so annoying! Yet, as most people know, Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software on the planet, and an estimated 30 million PowerPoint presentations are made every day. If you’re vexed and perplexed by PowerPoint, “Fixing PowerPoint Annoyances,” (Swinford, O’Reilly, US $19.99) presents smart solutions to a variety of all-too-familiar,
real-world annoyances.
“Fixing PowerPoint Annoyances” is divided into big categories, with
annoyances grouped by topic. You can read it cover to cover or simply jump
to the chapter or section most relevant to you. Inside its pages you’ll
learn how to:
-Avoid set-up mistakes
-Add multimedia effects
-Prevent audience mutiny
-Solve output issues
-Navigate easily
-Create your own templates
-Work with multiple masters and slide layouts
-Take advantage of various alignment and formatting tools
-Import Excel data
-Insert graphics, PDF, and Word content
-Create, edit, and format organization charts and diagrams
-Use action settings and hyperlinks to jump to other slides
-Add sound, video, and other types of multimedia to spark up your
“You do not have to suffer through another PowerPoint fiasco,” says author
Echo Swinford. “This book will relieve you of your PowerPoint headaches,
and help you create dream-worthy presentations out of previous
nightmares.” Swinford has been using PowerPoint professionally since 1997
and became a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP in 2000.
Entertaining and informative, “Fixing PowerPoint Annoyances” is filled
with humorous illustrations and packed with sidebars, tips, and tricks, as
well as links to cool resources on the Web.