Cabinet NG 3.0 – more and better features for document management

Cabinet NG, which makes scanning software integrated with QuickBooks, has built some new features into version 3.0 of its product that make it even better for existing customers and compelling to purchase for potential customers.
It’s latest version has a number of new features in the area of file formats, work-flow, pre-fill in billing information and other features.
Many small businesses use Intuit’s Quickbooks to manage their businesses but it is so important to ensure that a) the paper documents one interacts with are properly backed up b) paper documents bring inefficiency and slowness to the business – having them digitized makes the process faster and more efficient.
The full feature list includes:
— Open a full range of file formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Text documents, and scanned or faxed images directly from within CNG-Books. CNG-Books now enables users to enter documents – vendor bills, customer payments, credit card statements – in their original format. Removing the time consuming task of printing and scanning documents is part of Cabinet NG’s commitment to eliminating paper at its source.
— Send and share documents to any other Cabinet NG user within the organization. Built-in workflow automation improves office productivity by making the exchange of documents easy and efficient between users and user groups.
— Automatically pre-fill new bills with data from historic bills to synchronize information quickly from QuickBooks. Pre-filling data helps to create a consistent and error free process when making new entries; automatic updates also keeps bills current and avoids confusion.
— Make both credit and bill entries, and support multiple accounts payable and allow charges against multiple accounts. Professional bookkeeping has never been so easy.