Encrypting Data on Mobile Devices Is the Answer for Lost Data on Mobile Devices

Today’s Wall Street Journal writes about the theft of notebooks and how it causes a lot of privacy / data loss issues for companies. The way to solve this is by encrypting data on the hard disk. If the notebook is stolen, the data can’t be used.
Small Business Computing today also writes that USB drives make companies nervous about putting important data on them as if the small drives get lost…the data is “lost” as well.
I talked with Anita Campbell about Mobile Technology on her radio show on Tuesday.
Kingston Technology Company, writes Small Business Computing, moved to solve that problem by introducing DataTraveler Elite Privacy Edition, a USB Flash (define) drive that locks down data with 128-bit AES (define) encryption, a powerful security protocol.
Capable of storing up to 4 gigabytes (GB), DTE Privacy Edition is tailored to meet security and compliance requirements for businesses. If the drive is ever lost or stolen, the integrity of the data stored on the device remains intact.
AES is just the beginning. The drive also features a complex password protocol and a mechanism that locks out attackers after 25 consecutive failed password attempts, ensuring information is accessible only by authorized users.