How Can you Serve Customers Better Without Customer Intelligence?

One of the most exciting things for me (well there are quite a bit of exciting things) is to be able to mine customer data and KNOW as much information as you can about a customer and act on it. The “acting on it” part can be in the form of more discounts, different discounts, better service or simply having to let a customer know that you can’t service their needs anymore. Maybe they are not profitable to you anymore and you are losing money from each sale.
The only way to really be able to act on customer intelligence is if you have the tool(s) in place to do it. Sage Software announced yesterday that they have added a customer insights module to their Sage PFW ERP product line. Customer Insights is an interactive tool that enables Sage PFW users to deliver fast, personalized attention to every customer. By providing quick, easy access to detailed account information, Customer Insights gives Sage PFW users the ability to enhance each customer interaction, thus building customer satisfaction and loyalty and ultimately helping them create new revenue opportunities.
Customer Insights creates a Customer Activity Dashboard, giving users single-click access to detailed credit status, pricing, quotes, orders, sales history, buying patterns and behaviors. By being better informed on all aspects of the customer, Sage PFW users can quickly respond to inquiries, quote more accurate pricing and effectively sell more products and services. Users can even access flexible PivotTable functionality to pinpoint vital information, making it easier to provide exceptional customer service and increase revenue opportunities from within existing customer bases.