It’s Time to Refresh Your Web Site – $125

Web sites are great tools, but like a nice home, they should be refreshed from time to time. SOHO IT GOES is offering a $125 web assessment deal. I normally don’t write about deals like this as many are nothing more than “get rich quick gimmicks”. However, I know Eileen Parzek of SOHO IT GOES and trust her work.
For $125 SOHO IT GOES is offering small businesses a web assessment package. Here’s what you get:
Now, for a special introductory rate of only $125, I’ll personally look at your home page and up to five pages of your overall site design, and tell you such things as:
* If your web site colors and fonts are working for you or against you
* If your menu navigation makes sense or can be improved
* Whether your information architecture makes sense or loses and confuses
* Whether the images on your site are enhancing your content or scaring your visitors
* What content you could add to your site to improve your marketing strategy
* If your images are optimized correctly and your code “validates”
* Whether the site is broken in any way