March Madness and Your Network

As March Madness rolls around the corner, YOU KNOW, people in your office are going to be visiting web sites, chatting, streaming and everything else about the games. The problem is they are going to be using YOUR network (not to mention your time). What do to do? Online computer retailer CDW has some advice – which will probably surprise you.
Jeff Falcon and Mike Hronek, network integrity experts at CDW explain that related to virus threats & precautions: “Most people don’t realize that simply going online and clicking on a Web site can expose their office network to malicious virus, worms and fisher codes,” said CDW security expert Jeff Falcon. Restricting access (at the firewall level) to popular sports Web sites might seem like a logical way for companies — particularly those lacking sophisticated IT expertise — to prevent
network sluggishness as a result of broadband overload or virus infection. However, Falcon cautions against it, noting that “blocking highly secured sites such as ESPN and may force users to spend more time accessing less-established pages that are more vulnerable to malicious code. It’s best that fans hit the top sports sites directly instead of wandering to”
On Network Overload Threats & Protection: Tournament-related Web use — via a workstation or Blackberry — could place extra strain on routes and switches, causing user programs to slow down and costing companies valuable work time. Hronek recommends critical strategies for managing it.
If you want to ensure your network does not slow down during March Madness get a hold of your local solution provider.