Microsoft Outlook Express Replacement

For years, since 2001, the default email program bundled with Windows was Outlook Express – a very miniature version of Microsoft Outlook. A new version is on the way with improved (about time) features.
I know there’s MANY of you using this email program. It’s not the worst email program in the world. But if you want to be MORE PRODUCTIVE it is important you use a more powerful program like Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.
PC PRO writes The new mail client will incorporate much of the new functionality that has emerged since Outlook Express was released in 2001, principally areas such as RSS feeds and blogs.
The client will double as an RSS reader with the ability to read and forward RSS feeds within the standard client window. All the usual features expected in an RSS reader will be present such as drag and drop to folders, read and unread posts, and folders to manage subscriptions with the option to map several feeds to a single folder. Windows Live Mail Desktop (WLMD) will also contain features like a ‘Quick Search Box’ so that as you type, the messages are filtered so only those that include the search text are shown. For RSS this will include searching the title and blog description.