New Business Planning Tool for Technology Solution Providers

Technology solution providers looking for new strategies to improve their financial performance now have access to a business analysis tool available from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).
The CompTIA Solution Provider Self-Assessment is a free resource that allows information technology (IT) reseller and solution provider businesses to confidentially compare their current business models against the profiles of top-performing companies in the industry. Owners and operators can determine which areas of their business are operating at peak effectiveness. At the same time they can identify those areas of
their business that may be in need of improvement.
“Technology resellers must conduct an honest assessment of their current
business model to drive new revenue, reduce expenses and determine
future viability and relevance to the market,” said William Vanderbilt,
vice president, education and training, CompTIA. “Ignoring the need for
ongoing assessment of one’s business could result in missed
opportunities in a market that is constantly changing and expanding.”
The self-assessment tool is among the ongoing initiatives of the CompTIA
Reseller Transformation Advisory Council (RTAC), established in 2005 to
promote growth and economic health throughout the IT channel. The
council’s mission is to help technology resellers build business models
that make sense for their long-term success, thus enhancing the
financial strength of the entire IT community.