New Desktop: Linux Based – From Novell

The march of Linux, like watching a National Geographic video of wild beasts crossing a river, continues. Novell released the newest version of its desktop, SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, which according to the reports I’ve been reading is very good.
As Microsoft continues to get hit from the challenged of hosted applications, Linux developers will keep pounding away with developing a better Linux experience for office users.
Novell is touting this version as NOT for everyone. But for the information worker who wants basic email and Internet applications. NOT for the information worker who needs dozens of applications.
News Factor writes Nat Friedman, Novell vice president of Linux desktop engineering, said the new desktop is for corporate America’s “knowledge workers.”
“Our goal of Desktop 10 is to build a really easy-to-use, powerful desktop for general knowledge workers,” he said. “These are people who live in e-mail, in the browser, in the office suite — not people who need a hundred different applications, but people whose lives really consist of just living in those applications.”
The demo indicated it would be a good life in the new desktop, also referred to as SLED 10. Users are able to scroll miniversions of windows open on the desktop, shuffle quickly to the needed window, easily access Web sites and easily attach items to e-mails — often with drag-and-drop moves.
“It takes no time at all,” Friedman said.